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Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Chicago

Mr. Stickney, Executive Producer, and I are in Chicago. It is cold here! We will attend an event at the Spertus today. We are trying to get The Foundation For Jewish Culture involved in the project and we will meet the director at the event this evening.

CHARLA METZKER will join us! It is very, very exciting. She DANCED Anne! She has offered to help us raise money and work on the project! Who better to be involved than a dancer of this amazing work!

There is so much synergy around the producing of ANNE; So many people are becoming interested in it! It is of course completely impossible without that.

We meet with Gail Kalver (the mother of all arts management) on Monday. She has just finished an incredible project, the full opera about Margaret Garner, at the Auditorium Theater--we went last night. The opera was amazing and with a similar message of the need for human tolerance. Margaret Garner was a woman who perished as a result to American slavery--another very powerful example of one story speaking for many who suffered. Another message of the need for human TOLERANCE!

I could only keep thinking that I was in this massive theater in Chicago, where only a few blocks away several nights before, we made American history! Grant Park was full of eyes and tears on a man who would have been a slave because of how he looked, had he lived in Margaret Garner's time. He now will be the President of the United States!

Being in the theater inspired me! I remember being an 11 year old boy and dancing at the Auditorium Theater. The magic I felt just sitting in the audience--and to think we could be sharing the message of human tolerance and anti-hate in theaters like the Auditorium Theater throughout the country.

First things first: Engage each person one by one I encounter in a subject we all share in common that a young girl shared with the world. I am only another messenger, I suppose.



jeannieweannie said...

Wow Andrew- hope I get a chance to come to the states and see the production. I've enjoyed the start of your blogging on this effort- and have subscribed so I can follow along as your process unfolds. It's been so many years since we've connected, but I now I feel reconnected to what's moving you at the moment. Hugs from Ireland! Jeanne from Mrs. Phares

Andrew Allagree said...

P.S. How is Mrs. Phares?