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Monday, November 17, 2008

Research and Development

We have such a great movement happening with ANNE! I spoke to Gail Kalver while in Chicago. We have selected our 6 cities and narrowed our budget down to be very realistic and feasible!

6 people have contributed on CHIPIN! I am convinced that people WILL give to causes, such as ours, that promote humanity and tolerance.

An enormous amount of money to raise is waiting for me for this project, but this gives me great hope.

I had coffee with the highly respected Dr. Patterson here in Memphis. He knows Elie Wiesel personally. Here are the recommended reading he gave me which I have just begun to gather while researching the project more:

**Go to the Jewish Heritage Museum in NYC as well as the USHMM in D.C.

**There is a great memorial in Miami (which I will see when I get down to FL soon!)

**Recommended Known Memoirs: Night, Elie Wiesel; Survival in Auschwitz, Primo Levi; Wrestling With The Angels, Tony Kushner

**Schindler's List

If I can do it--so can you! It is often by seeing our weakness as humanity that we gain our strength.


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